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TyL Chair by RME Studio

TYL Chair

TYL Chair

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The Ultimate Space-Saving Furniture

Maximizing the design and efficiency of today’s cramped living and working spaces is crucial. We all relate to the challenges of finding enough storage to keep our surroundings uncluttered and organized. We are proud to introduce TYL Chair, a revolutionary modular furniture system that seamlessly blends cutting-edge design with practical functionality!

Design Flexibility

Embodying a “tile-like” design, the chairs stack and interlock into extraordinary custom shelving and drawers. Our patented chairs effortlessly adapt to organize and invigorate any space, transitioning easily from a seating configuration to storage and back.

TYL Chair aligns with the demands of modern living, especially in compact apartments and homes. Our innovative concept delivers on both form and function, ensuring that your home reflects your style and remains clutter-free. Revolutionize your living space with TYL Chair today!

Sustainably Sources Material

Crafted from ultra-light and eco-friendly Bamboo, TYL Chairs boast a fusion of playful charm and contemporary elegance. Not only do they serve as stylish and comfortable chairs that elevate any interior space, they also come with ingenious under-seat storage, which can be configured in many ways.


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