About RME

RME stands for “Reimagining My Environment,” a motto describing our studio’s approach to the world as we seek to improve it through innovative design. At RME we want to enhance people’s lives with our product lines, particularly those drawn to the hustle and flow of an urban existence with all the chaos, congestion, and required ingenuity it entails.

The RME Mission

  • RME seeks to be a responsible, sustainably focused producer of innovative products enabling people to live better lives. 
  • RME believes space is precious for both body and mind, and that the environments we create within our homes shape our lives.  
  • RME hopes to inspire others to rethink, reconsider, and reimagine, to look with fresh eyes at the world in the pursuit of a better one.
  • RME wants to serve those interested in making the most out of what they have.