The Story of Tyl Chair

It was during an architecture internship in Shanghai when the idea first emerge. I was sharing a small two bedroom apartment with a flat mate who just loved to cook and entertain seemingly all the time. He also lived there year round, so I really couldn’t argue, as I was only there for the summer.

After I accepted I would not being getting much sleep, it was great! So many guests would cram inside our tiny apartment that furniture had to move, tables pushed into corners, chairs stacked yin-yang style against the wall to accommodate the torrential flow of guests poring in for one of “our” nightly soirees.

On one such occasion I was standing against the wall, a cup of something in one hand and a plate of food in the other. Needing to get something from my pocket, I looked around for a place set them down upon.

Given there was barely room to stand much less put something down, my eyes tuned towards the chairs beside me, stacked so awkwardly and uselessly against the wall, and I began to wonder aloud to my friends, wouldn't it be great if this was table? 

'Necessity is the root of all invention' they say, so when I woke up the next day and remembered the conversation, I was inspired.

Could chairs be more versatile and provide more options then just seating, even becoming other furniture pieces, on which, say a drink and a plate of food could be placed during a very, very, very cozy party…?

The idea was always an obsession/hobby I was worked on when I had the time and money to commission prototypes. Making changes with each iteration, hoping to arrive at something I could actually get people really excited about.

Now a family man with two kids living in California, admittedly the context is very different from raucous house parties high up in the Shanghai skyline, but once again it's the same issue! Having enough space is always an issue! And great looking and feeling furniture never goes out of style!

Our goal with the launch of TYL Chair is to provide high-quality, multi-functional furniture that fits into young  and dynamic lifestyles. Ethically sourced, sustainably produced, and environmentally friendly. Designed and manufactured in the USA.

- Michael Hamburg, Creator of TYL Chair


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